Daosaur NFT


Q1 – Genesis Collection of unique Daosaur on Ethereum Blockchain The First collection of a long series of dinosaur species.
The Daosaur will remain the Alpha of the ecosystem.
Whether he is a wall street trader or a party lover, the Daosaur is a businessman at heart who knows NFT trading.
Q2 – Launching Daosaur Tool Development of the Daosaur Tool to identify NFT wallets of the best blockchain traders and track their activity.
The Daosaur Tool will first be available on a private channel in the discord reserved for Daolisted members and then via a DAPP reserved for holders
Q3 – Daosaur Raids As soon as a cluster of trader activity is observed on the same project over a period of 24 hours we will launch a Daosaur Raid.
A percentage of our royalties will be used to sweep the floor of the identified collection.
The time and date of our investment will be announced to our holders in our private discord.
Q4 – Daosaur Community The goal of the Daosaur is clear: Conquer the NFT SPACE in order to develop the community. We will accumulating royalties from secondary sales which are then used to growing the project and its collective success.
The community will be able to vote on which NFT/ Crypto project the Dao should invest and on which NFT project we should launch a Daosaur raid!
Q5 – The Daosaur Rocket ON We are going to make other collections based on other dinosaur species in collaboration with famous artists.
The goal being to create an ecosystem with a variety of dinosaur species.
Q6 – Staking & Marketplace The Daosaur Marketplace will be accessible to holders who staked their Daosaur NFT.
With staking ,Holders will earn $GRASS used to buy whitelist spots of other NFT collections with which we collaborate.
Q7 - Building the Metaverse The Daosaur Marketplace will become a metaverse where Daosaur holders can socialize, participate in auctions and buy stores. The stores will be put on sale before the launch of the Metaverse.